Your pet dog deserves only the best life has to offer, but that does not mean they could get on your furniture, chew on shoes or root through your trash. Yes, your dog just have to go out. But it doesn't mean that it would have to be a type of punishment. These dog houses, plastic and wooden included, could be cozy homes for your beloved pet. A wooden doghouse is a classic and traditional choice, though a plastic dog house has grown greatly in popularity in the last few years as an alternative building material. Thus, whether you need to upgrade or buy the best dog house, below are several things that you must know regarding these most common materials.




Wood from is an excellent and natural building material which provides unique features which are not seen with other materials such as plastic, metal or stone. For example, some woods including cypress and cedar, give off fragrant aromas. Most importantly for a dog house, some woods such as teak and cedar, give off natural resins which act as a repellent for insects, like fleas which are the worst enemy of dogs.


On the other hand, plastics are unique materials in terms of their workability and moldability. Plastic could be formed to any shapes, sizes, textures, colors and designs. Consider plastic as a chameleon in the building industry, making some of those most creative and ideal dog houses. Those wooden dog houses can't afford this capability to be transformed quite dramatically. Know dog houses for sale here! 




In terms of their insulating properties, plastic and wood would keep the dogs warmer during winter as well as cooler during those warmer months. But, plastic may have a little edge with this category. Well, while wood has some level of insulation, some additional padding might be required as supplements during extreme temperatures. A plastic dog house is made so as small air bubbles would be placed throughout those plastic walls. These air bubbles can trap cold and warm air as necessary as well as would make airtight seals of protection all throughout the house. This implies that dog houses made from plastics don't breathe the same as those wooden ones. You can also learn more about dog houses by checking out the post at




In comparing the actual works and attention on the details which goes into creating these kinds of dog houses, the wooden ones would win each time. This is due to the material's nature. Wood is grown, harvest, natural and frequently made by hand. In contrast, plastics are synthetic, produced from some chemical compounds as well as constructed impersonal in factories.



Whichever you choose, make sure that it is suitable for your beloved pet's needs.